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Advantages and Disadvantages of Magazine Advertising

magazinesMagazines and Journals may be weekly fortnightly, monthly or quarterly publications. Trade and Technical journals are published for the professional use of auditors, company secretaries, doctors, bankers, teachers, lawyers etc. Special magazines for women and children are also published. Special issues are made during festivals. Magazines like India Today, Business India, Business World, etc., are some of the popular magazines in India. Besides, there are several other regional magazines also.

Advantages of advertising in magazines

i) The most important advantage is the length of life. The advertisement may be seen several times.

ii) Better reproduction of advertisements than newspapers.

iii) Proper magazine if selected, reaches the right type of target audience.

iv) More circulation and more readers and so the advertisement cost per reader is much less.

v) It creates prestige, reputation and an image of quality.

Disadvantages of advertising in magazines

i) Changes in the copy of the magazine cannot be effected quickly.

ii) Preparation of cost of the magazine is higher and hence advertising cost also would be higher.

iii) The coverage of the magazine and the coverage of the distribution of goods may not synchronise i.e., inelasticity.

iv) The advertisements cannot be brought out in time as needed by the advertiser.

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