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Bank of Ceylon, Seeduwa Branch, 7010-421

A bank code is a code assigned by a central bank of the country, a bank supervisory body or a Bankers Association in a country to all its licensed member banks or financial institutions. The rules vary to a great extent between the countries. Also, the name and nature of bank codes vary. In some countries, the bank codes can be viewed over the internet. These bank codes are used for wire transfer of funds between branches in the country or transfer of funds between different countries.

The following are the details of Bank of Ceylon, Seeduwa Branch

Bank of Ceylon, Seeduwa Branch, 7010-421
Bank name Bank of Ceylon
Branch name Seeduwa
Bank code 7010
Branch code 421
Country Sri Lanka

*The Bank Code information presented above is for reference only. Please verify Code details before initiating any transaction!

Bank and Branch Code for Seeduwa branch of Bank of Ceylon is 7010-421.

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Author, Assistant Professor in Finance, Researcher and Arsenal Football Club Fan

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