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Job Interview Tips and Preparation

To prepare and perform well in an interview, you must engage in some pre-interview activities. Pre-interview planning involves learning something about the company/organisation, analysing your strengths and weaknesses and making sure your appearance and behaviour create the right impression. In this article, I will give you some of the ways

Duties of Front Office/Reception Desk & Tips to be good Receptionist

Duties of Front Office/Reception Desk & Tips to be good Receptionist

Most organizations are operated with a group of individuals or by a team, and the receptionist is a member of that team. The receptionist works in what is called the ‘Front Office’. The Front Office staff have a direct and personal contact with all guests and visitors. This makes the

Why there is a Demand for Money ?

There are three motives underlying the demand for money i.e. Transaction demand for money Speculative demand for money Precautionary demand for money Transaction demand Transaction demand for money means that money is demanded to carry out certain transactions. It is likely to be positively related to income. This is simply because

Why Macroeconomics is important for the Investors?

For Investors or people in finance, understanding macroeconomics and its factor is very important because each of the major macroeconomic factors such as growth, inflation, business cycles etc.., have strong impact on the financial markets. They also have strong impact on the financial sector. For example, when

FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS- Significance and Limitations

Financial statements includes Trading, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Expressing the financial items in these financial statements brings a meaningful information. Financial statement – Definition: A process of evaluating the relationship between the component parts of the financial statements to obtain a better understanding