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What’s new in Gretl2017a

Gretl is a free and open source package for econometric analysis on 15-04-2017 updated version gretl2017a was released. The following are the new features, bug fixes and change log of new version. Improved parsing for the member-of relation, on both the left- and right-hand side of hansl statements Calendar: ensure

Indian and international number system–explained

It is common people confuse between lakhs and millions, and crores and billions. So its common question people ask .  how many lakhs makes a million? Well, I present you clear answer here. Indian number system use terms such as ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and then lakhs and crores. While

Facts about infinity–What is Infinity?

What if I say Infinity is simple to understand ? Will you agree?. Well, Here I give you some facts about Infinity to better understand it. After this you can accept that infinity is really simple. don't forget to subscribe my blog. Ancient cultures had various ideas about the nature