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How to check version of R language installed?

R programming is a free and Open source package used for data analysis. I will show you two ways to find which version of R is installed in your system Using R/R studio Open R or R studio and type version or R.Version() This will bring you the following details platform

Error: gfortran: Command not found and non-zero exit status in R [Solved]

R error

While installing packages in R, Linux users often come across an error stating "gfortran: Command not found" and "non-zero exit status". The absence of gfortran in your OS cause this error. This can be solved simply by installing gfortran package once. To install the gfortran use the following command Manjaro/Arch Linux users Use

How to Calculate Descriptive statistics using R

In this post, I will explain how to calculate basic descriptive statistics using R. The following R scripts helps to calculate descriptive statistics such as Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation, Standard error of the mean, Five-number summary, quartiles, percentiles, skewness and kurtosis. Packages used are psych and Desctools ##Descriptive statistics using R## ##Packages

Generating Even / Odd numbers using R

In the below tutorial I have explained how you can generate Even or Odd numbers using R. You can generate using any one of the following methods.Method 1:Generating even numbers that lie between 1 to 100          even <- seq(1,100,2)Method 2:Generating 100 odd numbers starting from 1