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Membership categories in The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) was created in 1983 with the decision to change from an inter-American regional association (created in 1974) into a global cooperative body. Eleven securities regulatory agencies from North and South America took this decision in April 1983 at a meeting in Quito, Ecuador. Today

Understand 6 points before any investments

In the modern and digital world, we have several options available to invest our savings. Each person has different objectives on their investment. Here are 6 most important factors that you should consider before letting your money work for you. Safety

What is a Contract Note in Share trading?

Contract Note is a confirmation of trades done on a particular day on behalf of the client by a trading member. It imposes a legally enforceable relationship between the client and the trading member with respect to purchase/sale and settlement of trades. It also helps to

What is a Stock Swap?

First it is need to be known Who is an acquiree and acquirer. Acquiree is the company that is being acquired or purchased in a merger or acquisition process. Acquirer is the company that is purchasing another company in a process of

What is Beta in finance? Formula for Beta

Statistically Beta shows the sensitivity of a security. The Beta is a measure of the systematic risk of a security. Systematic risk refers to the risk that cannot be avoided through diversification. Hence, Beta measures non-diversifiable risk. It is a relative measure of risk. Beta is a statistical measurement indicating