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Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #23

Ash is the substance that remains after an organic substance has been burned.

Ashanti are the largest and most powerful ethnic group in the West African country of Ghana.

Ashmore and Cartier Islands are a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean about 300 kilometres off the northwestern coast of Australia.

Ashurbanipal, also spelled Assurbanipal, was the last great king of the Assyrians.

Asia is the largest continent in both size and population.

Asia Minor is a peninsula of western Asia.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a forum for the discussion of economic cooperation in the Pacific region.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) lends money and provides technical help to developing countries of Asia to promote economic growth.

Asian Games are one of the most important amateur sporting events in the world.

Asp is the name of a cobra found in Egypt.

Asparagus is a nutritious green vegetable.

Aspen is the name of three species of medium-sized poplar trees found in the Northern Hemisphere.

Asphalt is a black cementlike mineral substance that is found in most crude petroleum.

Asphodel is a hardy plant native to the Mediterranean regions.

Asphyxiation is a state of unconsciousness that occurs when the lungs do not provide the blood with sufficient oxygen.

Aspidistra is a plant native to the Orient, but widely cultivated as a house plant.

Aspirin, also known as acetylsalicylic acid, is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world.

Assassination is the murder of a person who holds a position of public importance.

Assault and battery is a legal term that involves a threat and physical act.

Assaying is a process used to determine the amount of metals or minerals contained in substances.

Assemblies of God is the largest Pentecostal religious denomination in the world.

Assembly line is a group of work areas, called stations, arranged in a certain order to make a product.

Assignment is the legal term for the transfer of rights to property or money from one person to another.

Assimilation is the process by which cells convert food into living tissues.

Assimilation is the process through which one social and cultural group becomes part of another social and cultural group.

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