Different Film Certificates given by Central Board of Film Certification

U- Universal

Unrestricted Public Exhibition throughout India, suitable for all age groups. Films under this category should not upset children over 4. This rating is similar to the MPAA’s G and PG and the BBFC’s U and PG ratings. Such films may contain educational, social or family-oriented themes. Films under this category may also contain fantasy violence and/or mild bad language.

UA- Parental Guidance

All ages admitted, but it is advised that children below 12 be accompanied by a parent as the theme or content may be considered intense or inappropriate for young children. This rating is similar to the MPAA’s PG and PG-13 and the BBFC’s PG and 12A ratings. Films under this category may contain mature themes, sexual references, mild sex scenes, violence with brief gory images and/or infrequent use of crude language.

A- Adults Only

Restricted to adult audiences (18 years or over). This rating is similar to the MPAA’s R and the BBFC’s 15 ratings. Nobody below the age of 18 may buy/rent an A-rated DVD, or watch a film in the cinema with this rating. Films under this category may contain adult/disturbing themes, frequent crude language, brutal violence with blood and gore, strong sex scenes and/or scenes of drug abuse which is considered unsuitable for minors.


Restricted to any special class of persons. This rating signifies that the film is meant for a specialised audience, such as doctors.

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