How to enable LaTeX in Blogger

If you are using Google’s Blogger platform to run your blog. You may find difficulty in displaying mathematical expressions. One good idea is to make use of LaTeX in displaying mathematical expressions. So, In this post, I will show you how to enable LaTeX in Blogger.

While creating a blog post, You may have notices 2 tabs,compose and HTML , Select HTML Tab and Paste the following code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="">
 extensions: ["tex2jax.js","TeX/AMSmath.js","TeX/AMSsymbols.js"],
 jax: ["input/TeX", "output/HTML-CSS"],
 tex2jax: {
     inlineMath: [ ['$','$'], ["\\(","\\)"] ],
     displayMath: [ ['$$','$$'], ["\\[","\\]"] ],
 "HTML-CSS": { availableFonts: ["TeX"] }

Now, write directly on Blogger your equation between $ and $,

for example: $x^2$


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