Meaning of Star Rating in Hotel Industry

A hotel is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis. This industry plays a vital role in the tourism of a country.

Types of hotels

One star hotels

These hotels belong to the no-frills variety that offers basic bedding and bathroom facilities. The furniture, décor, etc. may not be of high quality but is comfortable. Arrangements for meals may or may not be included.

Two star hotels

The extra star here is for a proper reception desk and some amount of staff presence. Two-star hotels are suitable for people with limited budgets but who are travelling with their families and need a reasonably safe place to stay

Three star hotels

Three-star hotels are mostly good for business travellers who are travelling for a short period on business. They are also a good option for female travellers who are travelling alone and don’t want the tension of staying at a place where their security could be at risk or their belongings unsafe. Three-star hotels are generally part of a larger chain and have footprints in more than one location.

Four-star hotels

The premium variety of hotels starts from here. There will be larger rooms, better décor, more amenities, and better services like availability of porters, 24-hour room service, laundry, and multi-cuisine restaurants. Four-star hotels are mostly used by corporate travellers where the company pays for the stay.

Five-star hotels

Five-star hotels are top-level hotels. Breakfast served in bed, shoes polished, clothes washed and facilities for getting almost. Other facilities include huge lobbies, round-the-clock room service, swimming pools, gyms, sauna, spas, badminton/tennis courts, beauty salons – etc.

The staff in these hotels mostly comprises hotel management graduates from the best schools, well-trained in customer service, crisis management, etc. The clientele that five-star hotels cater to include big names from fields of entertainment, business, and sports.

Five star deluxe hotels

This type of hotels caters to the movers and shakers of the world. A private balcony, fully stocked mini-bar, personal masseur, king-sized beds – these are just some of the rare luxuries you can treat yourself to at a five-star deluxe hotel. The most well-known brands belonging to this category include the Taj, Hilton, Leela Palace, Grand Hyatt.

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