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Different types of Sampling: Probability and Non-probability sampling

Sample designs may be classified into different categories based on two factors, namely, the representation basis and the element selection technique. Under the representation basis, the sample may be classified as Non-probability sampling Probability sampling While probability sampling is based on random selection, the non-probability sampling is based on ‘non-random’ selection

What is meant by Sampling Error? How does it happen?

In a sample survey, since only a small portion of the population is studied its results are bound to differ from the census results and thus, have a certain amount of error. In statistics, the word 'error' is used to denote the difference between the true value and the estimated

Why do we need to do Sampling?

Sampling is the process of obtaining information about an entire population by examining only a part of it when it is impossible to study the whole population. The sample should be a true representative of population characteristics without any bias. So that it may result in valid and reliable conclusions. Need for