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Web Advertising – Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

The first web advertisement was placed on the October 1994 Edition of the Hotwired Website. Web advertisement requires the participation of Internet users. The Internet has enabled consumers to interact directly with the advertisers and the advertisements. Web advertising is an attempt to disseminate information through the Internet in order to effect a buyer-seller transaction.

Advertising on the Web is usually non-intrusive. The advertisement consists of a one-liner, Image banners and Videos. It requires the user to click on the advertisement for further information. This automatically takes him to the home page or Website of the advertiser, either for more information, or to try or purchase of the product. There are two very good reasons for embracing the inevitability of the growing amount of commercial advertising on the Web.

  • Advertising conveys much-needed information.
  • Advertising generates significant revenue.

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Advantages of Web Advertising

i) Advertisements can reach a very large number of potential global buyers.

ii) Web advertisements are accessed on demand for all the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and costs are the same regardless of audience location.

iii) One-to-One direct marketing is possible

iv) Web advertisements can be interactive and targeted to specific interest groups and individuals.

v) Contents can be updated, supplemented or changed at any time at a minimum cost.

vi) Multimedia will create more attractive advertisements.

vii) They can efficiently use the convergence of text, audio, graphics and animation.

viii) They can introduce new products or alternatives to existing products.

ix) They can generate awareness of branded products.

Disadvantages of Web Advertising

i) There is no clear standard or language of measurement.

ii) Only Internet users are the audience of web advertising, who are still lesser.

iii) Cost is high in many circumstances.

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